Why Vegans Don’t Consume Dairy Products

Similar to the majority of dietary questions, vegans are divided on the concern of dairy products– not a lot on the question of whether they are acceptable, but rather for what reasons they need to not be consumed.

All vegans (or a minimum of real vegans) avoid consuming dairy products. Some do so for nutritional reasons; others abstain for ethical factors. Those who do it for dietary reasons cite a variety of illness connected to the consumption of dairy products, including high cholesterol. Lots of likewise have a problem digesting lactose or have a blood-iron or diabetic problem related to milk protein, casein.

In addition to this, milk and cheese often contain small portions of unwanted hormones that are contributed to dairy cow feeds to increase production. Those who abstain from taking in dairy products for ethical factors likewise have a variety of reasons for doing so. Some point out the bad treatment of dairy cows as a primary factor for not taking in milk and cheese. They keep in mind that dairy cows are forced to conceive as soon as each year to keep a continuously high yield of milk.

They are also fed various steroids to increase production.

Others who abstain for ethical factors frequently point out the maltreatment of dairy cow offspring. They note that calves are not allowed to hang around with or nurse from the mother, however rather are too soon removed to be raised for either veal production, beef production, or as replacement dairy cows.

The calves selected for “veal” production are typically required to reside in crates so small that they can not reverse. They should face in one instructions; they can not groom themselves; and they are fed hormone-laden feed until they are sent off to be slaughtered. If you are a prospective vegan, you may wish to take some time now to think of what is finest for you. Ask yourself whether you wished to become a vegan for ethical factors, dietary factors, or both. And from there, identify whether or not these arguments were strong enough to oblige you to do so. In any case, you ought to emerge with a more powerful viewpoint and a better understanding of what you do and do not desire.


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