What Makes Eating At The Bloomfield Restaurant So Special

Even though there are plenty of restaurants in any large city it can be tough to find a friendly one that serves good home style food. Smaller restaurants are friendly and don’t usually have the high turnover that a large chain type of restaurant has. One great friendly restaurant in Pittsburgh is the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern on Liberty Ave. They offer fantastic food along with a wonderful friendly atmosphere. Smaller restaurants are able to offer you more value for money and this can be seen by the portion sizes. They will be much larger and heartier than a top end restaurant, which can be expensive and leave you feeling hungry! A small establishment has the ability to change their menu whenever they wish. This allows them to offer variety. At the Bloomfield they offer Polish food choices such as Pierogies, Kielbasa and Duck Soup.

For your convenience the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern is open from until and from Tuesday until Saturday. This is perfect for making your dinner plans with family and friends. Once at the restaurant you will find that the staff will make you feel at home and the odors that come out of the kitchen will have your mouth watering. While waiting for your food you can enjoy a nice drink from the bar and listen to live music being played in the background. Tuesday nights are Open Mic night at the Bloomfield and this is when they promote new and upcoming local bands. The entertainment starts at and lasts until.

During these two hours the restaurant offers beer at a reduced price. Another great reason why you should visit this very friendly restaurant. With all of these components together the Bloomfield makes for a really exciting night out. Customers just love the Polish along with traditional American foods, they have fantastic music and lots of types of beers. If you like you can buy a bottle of beer or a glass of draft, if you don’t like beer then you can order a Vodka or another drink. Of course the prices at the Bloomfield just can’t be beat, no item is over $10 and this will definitely not break your bank account. You will enjoy a good evening out and go home not regretting one penny of the money you have just spent.

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