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We are now more than a year into the pandemic. Most of us have now adapted to working at home and almost living in our homes. Most people also enjoy dining at home 24/7. Every city and town in the U.S. is updating their regulations and for dining out and drinking out. Many of us are now scrambling to find the best restaurant delivery service. Every major food delivery service still exists, so it is possible to stay in the house (or wear lounge pants) as long as we want.

These are our top picks for food delivery:


Walmart has joined the food delivery business with its new Walmart+ service. Your membership costs less than $100 per year and includes delivery to your local store for free. A $35 minimum order is required. Restrictions apply. Delivery is free for orders over $35, including groceries, gadgets and clothing. Members get unlimited deliveries and member pricing at Sam’s Club fuel stations and 5 cents per gallon fuel savings at Walmart and Murphy stations across the country. With mobile scan and go, in-store customers can also check out their order from their smartphones. Get a free 15-day trial of the service.

  • The best: Get low prices up to 180,000 on items that ship same-day.
  • The bad is: Really, nothing.


Postdates could make it possible to survive this pesky pandemic. Customers can order groceries, convenience items, and restaurant meals online and get it delivered within an hour. Customers who subscribe to Postmates Unlimited get unlimited delivery for orders above $12. The service is affordable and could be paid off in a matter of days, considering that many people are still reluctant to spend too much time outside the home.

  • The good: Delivery of groceries, restaurant meals, and booze within less than an hour.
  • The bad: Not much.


Instacart, like Postdates has been a game changer for many of us. This all-in-one service allows you to receive the entire stock of your favorite stores. Instacart delivers everything, from groceries and prescription goods to snacks and alcohol. The app allows you to shop from your couch for nearly any item that you may need, even if it’s not something you plan to do often.

  • The good Same day delivery by more than 20,000 retailers across many U.S. towns.
  • The bad news: There is no restaurant food delivery.

Grub hub

Grub hub is undisputedly the king of restaurant food delivery. It is available in over 3,200 U.S. locations and includes almost every major chain as well as many local restaurants. Customers have the option of ordering no-contact delivery, or picking up their order if they prefer to keep strangers from their homes.

  • The good news: The Grub hub Community Relief Fund collects charitable donations during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • The bad news: A sudden rise in business could mean that your food may be cold when it arrives.

Door Dash

Door Dash is a great app for those who love to dine out. The app allows you to access the menus for most of your favorite restaurants, depending on where you live. Customers can filter their choices by price, cuisine, or dietary restrictions. Participating restaurants offer discounted prices or free delivery in order to help boost business during the pandemic. Door Dash Dash Pass subscription offers free delivery or low prices for orders above $10

  • The good news: Delivery by phone from most of your local restaurants.
  • The bad news: Due to the rapid rise in orders, deliveries may take up to an hour.

Be smart about using a mask or social distancing when delivering your orders. This is according to local regulations. Door Dash and Grub hub have made “no contact” the default delivery option. If you don’t have it, it’s a good idea to ask in the “notes” section of each order.


Factor is known for its high quality food delivery meals. You can choose from a variety of low-carb, high-calorie, or ketogenic recipes when you go to its website. Factor’s culinary team, together with registered dietitians, create delicious meals that are so full of nutrients you won’t believe they’re even nutritious. A weekly meal plan with 12 meals is also available.

  • The best part: You don’t need to worry about prepping. All meals are ready for heating and can be reheated in just minutes .
  • The bad news: Apart from its price, is really not that great.

Order Local

Although this is not a service per se, it is one of the best ways to order food and support local businesses. To find out if the restaurant offers delivery, you can call them (or visit their website). This allows you to get the food you desire and helps support local businesses.

  • The good news: Local businesses are supported in the best way possible.
  • The bad news: Delivery may not be possible in all places (or may be prohibited depending on your location).

Many food delivery drivers make less than the minimum wage. This is especially true during a pandemic, when food delivery drivers are literally risking their lives to deliver sushi and burritos. If you’re able, consider tipping well. No matter how large the order is, a $5 gratuity should suffice. It is the right thing.


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