Tasting Polish Food In The City Of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is home to some of the finest tasting Polish food and this includes items like Duck Soup and Cabbage Noodles. Our recommendation for eating out Polish style is to visit the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern on Liberty Ave. As well as having the best tasting food around they also offer great value for their prices. No big chain restaurant can come close to what they can offer you. To make your evening at the Bloomfield more enjoyable you can listen to live entertainment several times a week. Check out their website for exact details on this. One of the best selling menu items is the Pierogies, you cannot find better tasting Pierogies anywhere else. For those who have never tried a Pierogie you can order three for just 99 cents.

Once you get hooked on eating Pierogies you will want to come back and eat on a Friday or Saturday night. This is when you can take advantage of their half price sale. You just have to eat between. Other great tasting Polish choices which you may not know about are their Polish Kluski, which is a mixture of cottage cheese and homemade noodles. Gotabki is a stuffed cabbage which will warm you up on a cold winter’s night. One thing is for sure and that is after you have eaten at the Bloomfield Tavern you will not go home hungry. For anyone with an enormous appetite then order either the Red or White Pierogie Platter. They are filled with kielbasa, pierogies and other Polish delights.

For music lovers then Tuesday nights at the Bloomfield are a must. This is the evening when they hold their Open Mic night. The show starts and runs until. Even better is the fact that bottles of beer are offered at a discount during these two hours too. So if you really want to enjoy a great night out grab some friends and make a point of attending the next Open Mic night next Tuesday. You just never know which up and coming band you might get to see play for the first time! For the best tasting Polish food in Pittsburgh be sure to visit the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern. The atmosphere is friendly and the food is fresh and homemade. You can dine out for under $10 a person and go home knowing that it was money well spent.

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