Sampling Polish Food In The Pittsburgh Area

Many people are well aware of the fact that Pittsburgh is home to some great Polish food restaurants. One in particular is the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern. They have been in business for 23 years and know how to provide their customers with all the comforts of home. They do this by first providing wonderful food at affordable prices. The most expensive item the Red and White Platters cost just $9.95 and they are huge! Plus they offer their customers beer specials several times a week along with live music. How’s that for value for money?

The Bloomfield is open every night of the week other than Sunday’s and Monday’s. The kitchen opens at and keeps on serving until closing at. This makes it easy to stop by for dinner no matter what time you are finished work for the day. One of the top sellers on their Polish menu is their Pierogies and we recommend you make this the first thing you try at the Bloomfield. They are entirely different to store bought and after eating these ones, you will never buy Pierogies anywhere else. Other great Polish choices are homemade noodles served with cottage cheese, this is correctly known as Kluski in Polish. Stuffed cabbage and healthy portions of Kielbasa are another popular choice. Why not try ordering French fries with sauerkraut instead of gravy? We bet that you will just love this combination. Even though the portion sizes are generous there are other foods that are lighter and smaller in size.

Their Wedding and Homemade Soup are good examples of this. You can order steak and salad or just a salad by itself. The Bridge Salad, Buffalo Chicken Salad and Grilled Chicken salad are extremely popular for anyone wanting to eat light fare. What to go overboard and try something totally unique? Then order the Bridge Fries, these fries come topped with Mazzerella and American cheeses and the taste is just to die for. If that sounds a little too much then order an old fashioned grilled cheese sandwich along with a healthy vegetable platter. The menu at the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern has something for everyone, from Polish and House favorites to traditional American fare. Combine this with great prices, good friends and a couple of cold beers you will be set for the night. This will be the place to ‘treat’ your friends at your expense.

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