Finding That Combination Of Music Good Food And Affordability

We all just love to have that one restaurant that we like to go to with our friends. The one that you don’t really share with too many other people! You enjoy their food and don’t want it to get too popular in case they put the prices up or the place gets too crowded. There is one great place in Pittsburgh that fits this definition to a tee and that is the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern. This restaurant is very friendly and serves some of the best Polish food in Pittsburgh. Dinner is served from Tuesday until Saturdays. You will just love the pierogies at the Bloomfield.

In addition to great tasting food they have managed to keep their prices low. The highest priced food item rings in at just under $10. You won’t find that in many restaurants today. The pierogies at the Bloomfield sell very fast. You can choose from the regular cheese and potato ones or sauerkraut or cottage cheese pierogies. If you have never tried Pierogies then you can sample 3 for just ninety nine cents. Once you have eaten them you will order more. To get really good value for money at the Bloomfield restaurant then eat there on a Friday or Saturday evening. Visit anytime from 5 to 7 pm and your Pierogies will be half price. Eating while listening to good music is really relaxing and combining this with a glass of beer and you are in heaven.

You can listen to live music several times a week. On many of these occasions the bottles of beer are offered at a discount. If you want to see who is playing at the Bloomfield Bridge then visit their website for the current schedule. Open Mic night is held every Tuesday night and is a wonderful evening out. The music starts at 9 pm so get there early and grab a good seat. A featured band kicks the evening off, followed by any new and upcoming bands who wish to play. If you are looking for a great place to eat without breaking your bank account then the Bloomfield Tavern is the place to go to. You will really enjoy their great tasting food and their large portions. Add in the free music and you definitely get your monies worth.

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