Eating Out To The Sound Of Great Music In A Pittsburgh Tavern

Wouldn’t you enjoy eating at a friendly small tavern and have the sound of great live music playing in the background? If this sounds idyllic and the perfect setting for a night out then you want to visit the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern in Pittsburgh. One of the main crowd getters at this restaurant is the quality of their food along with great pricing. Their home cooked Pierogies are known as their best seller and these fly out of the kitchen extremely fast. For anyone looking for large servings at a great price then you will be pleased to know that the most expensive dish on the menu is only $9.95!

This price alone makes it tempting to eat here, but it will be the Pierogies that wins your heart over. It is always good to eat fresh homemade foods and what sounds better than a plate of sauerkraut with a pile of Kielbasa on top. Another favorite at the Bloomfield is the Duck Soup as a starter and then a dish of homemade noodles combined with delicious cottage cheese. The servings are generous and will suit everyone’s appetite. Eating a good meal always goes down better when accompanied by some good music. Live bands play several times each week at the Bloomfield. You can check their current schedule by visiting their website. If you are in the mood for a music filled fun night then make a point of coming to Open Mic night on any Tuesday.

The fun starts at 9pm and runs until 11pm, plus bottles of beer are on special at this time. Arrive early so you can enjoy your meal first without missing out on any of the fun of Open Mic Night. Some of the other choices for dinner at the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern include chicken wings, salads and pizza. The chefs make a wonderful lightly breaded chicken finger which is proving to be very popular with diners. If the idea of eating a great meal in a small friendly tavern surrounded by music appeals to you, then drive down to the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern any night next week. You will love the atmosphere, the superb food and of course the great prices. All of this combined with live entertainment will make your night out even extra special. This makes for the perfect choice for any special occasion or just for getting out for the night.

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