Control Your Weight NOW – Green Bean Extract Review

Hi and welcome to my review on Green Coffee Bean Extract.

Losing weight is not easy, no matter how simple it may seem for some people out there. Fitness freaks and models will effortlessly show off their awesome bodies whenever the chance arises, without actually going into any detail as to how they reached their current ‘perfect’ state.

Having the perfect figure is a lifestyle choice and something that will not happen overnight or even in a couple of weeks, no matter how badly you want it. There will have to be a lot of work done before you are happy. Your average celebrity or actor may give the impression that they have achieved their goals in a natural manner, but that is not usually the case.

As you are reading this, I take it that you are interested in weight management so I’ll share some of what I have done to control my weight with you today. Hopefully it makes sense and you see the benefits of it – if you implement these fundamentals into your daily routine then I’m sure you’ll have a healthy year ahead of you.

So let’s cut to the chase – I don’t like the term weight loss, for me it carries negative connotations, I guess it’s probably because so many ‘weight loss gurus’ have coined it over the years and abused it. Also, not everyone needs to lose weight, some people want to add weight on (muscle, the good kind of weight) so I like to talk about weight management instead.

Forget about diets and sticking to only certain types of food groups, 2013 has seen a host of new fads pop up such as the Paleo Diet and while this specific diet does have a lot of good points in it, I can’t live without some of the carbs it restricts due to high levels of physical activity so it doesn’t work for me. Saying that, there are some points that I really like about it and ones that I plan to implement daily, but let’s keep the topic of eating as it’s meant to be: simple! Here are some big points to carry out:

Eat Clean – by eating clean I mean not eating junk food, this may sound obvious but stay away from the fast food – always.

Eat Fresh – eat as much fresh food as possible, which includes meats, vegetables fruit and dairy. Try to stay away from processed food, as soon as a food becomes processed it begins to lose its nutritional value as more and more additives are included to make it stay fresh for longer or to enhance the way it tastes.

Eat Protein –include protein in your diet every day, in every meal if you can. Vegetarians can implement this by eating vegetables that are high in protein such as nuts, mushrooms and beans.

Eat Diversely – don’t be boring and keep eating the same thing week in, week out – do some research online and get some new recipes to try with the above points in mind. You want to keep changing your source of nutrition so that you gain nutrients that you usually would not receive. The more varied foods you eat, the higher chance of you having a complete nutrient profile in your diet.

Know your Super Foods – get to know which foods contain the most nutritional value and add them to your diet, here is a good place to start

Now to make things a little bit easier, you can also add a supplement like Green Bean Extract to your routine. I found that it helped me immensely by:
• reducing my cravings
• making me feel great
• increasing my metabolism – I can feel myself heating up (only slightly!!) which means that more energy is being used ie. fat is being burned
• saw great results after just 2 weeks of use
Having the body or health goals that you want is not out of your reach, you are the person who is in control of this, no-one else. Realize what you want and take note of where you have gone wrong in the past, then start taking control and making the changes needed to reach your goals. I went through a tough time not admitting to myself that I was the only one who could make the change that I wanted so badly, but after I did, everything became a lot easier for me. You can do the same! Be the change that you want to see and start living a happier life where you are in control.
Start thinking about your physical activities as well. If you are not doing any form of exercise as of this moment then think about what you would like to do and start looking at places where you can train/exercise. If you are doing something already, then think about stepping it up a notch so that you can reach your weight management goals instead of repeating what you have done the previous year. If you are training hard currently then focus on tweaking your diet, there could be other attributes as to why you are not reaching your goals though, but 90% of the time it’s down to diet.
Ps. If you are stuck for choosing a physical activity then check out Crossfit, it is amazing and for just about anyone, no matter what your current physical condition is.
One thing that a lot of people don’t know is that exercise is only 10% of proper weight management – the other parts are nutrition and rest so if anything, get to know your kitchen better!
This report is brief but it touches on some basic fundamentals that if done right will only benefit you. Good health is absolutely the most valuable thing you can have so it’s a good idea to start investing in yourself now, if you are not doing so already. Having good health means that you can lead a full, successful life by making the most out of what you have.

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