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Coffee is the most popular hot drink in the United States. More than fifty per cent adults drink coffee. And to drink coffee you require a coffee mug or a cup. Coffee mugs are made from different materials. They are generally made using porcelain, stainless steel, plastic and glass. These mugs come in different shapes and sizes to suit different choices of vast coffee drinking population. Therefore, these three factors of material, shape and size would provide innumerous choice for selecting a coffee mug by anybody who drinks coffee.

Porcelain mugs are quite popular because they can hold heat and could also be decorated beautifully. But, the disadvantage of such a mug is that they break quite easily and they do not have lids so that coffee does not spill. These types of mugs are not suitable while travelling and you may think of using another type of mugs at your work place.

There is another kind of coffee mugs which is made using both stainless steel and plastic. These are hybrid coffee mugs. Generally, these mugs consist of stainless steel outer cup lined with plastic. These mugs are generally provided with a lid having a drinking spout or a hole. This makes these mugs spill proof. Also, because of the lid, coffee remains hot for a longer period. There are mugs which are lined with insulating material to keep coffee hot for quite a long time. These mugs are generally referred as travelling cups.

Coffee mugs are available in different shapes and sizes. Normally, capacity of a coffee mug is 12 ounces. Some coffee mugs are made in even larger size. These larger mugs are meant for those people who would be drinking coffee a number of times in a day. They would avoid refilling their mugs by using larger size mug. Such big size mugs range from 12 to 20 ounces in capacity.

These mugs come in different shapes. They could be in traditional shape or a jumbo mug or a travelling cup which would appear like a large drinking glass in size and shape. While choosing such a mug, you should ensure that handle of the mug is comfortable to hold.

These mugs are made keeping the requirements of large number of coffee drinkers in mind. Whether it is made of porcelain, glass, stainless steel or plastic, they are designed to meet the needs of millions people who drink coffee all over the world.

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