Myths with Coffee

All over the world, millions of people enjoy drinking coffee. But, there are many myths and misconceptions that are related with drinking of coffee and its effect on health. Let us study some of them and find out the truth behind these myths.

Unfiltered Coffee drinking increases health risk

Results of two studies made on the effect of drinking unfiltered coffee have been made recently. These studies link drinking unfiltered coffee prepared using French Press method with increase in LDL (bad) cholesterol and/ or homocysteine level in blood.

In the first study made by Dr. Marina Grubben and others, the result of which was published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, was carried in the Netherlands. In this study, 64 healthy adults, who were drinking six cups of unfiltered coffee or other hot drink per day, were studied for two weeks. The study showed 10% increase in homocysteine level of those drinking coffee. This increased level of homocysteine increases the risk of heart diseases by 10%.

In the other study, the people under study drank unfiltered coffee for two weeks. After two weeks, there was an increase of 2mg/dl in serum LDL cholesterol level in blood of these people. When these people stopped drinking unfiltered coffee and drank filtered coffee instead, their LDL cholesterol became normal.

These studies definitely tell us about bad effects of drinking unfiltered coffee over a short period. But, such a study carried out for only two weeks do not provide any conclusion regarding long term effects of drinking unfiltered coffee. In case of the first study, the control group was not even drinking coffee. In yet another study, no effect on homocysteine level was found. Therefore, more research is required to be done to find out the real truth about this myth.

Coffee drinking leads to Heart Disease

Previously, it was thought that the stimulating effect of drinking coffee would lead to different kinds of heart disease. But, the results of different studies made recently show that drinking of moderate amount of coffee everyday does not have any adverse effect on health.

In a study made by Dr. Willet and others, using data collected from more than 85,000 women over 10 years which was adjusted for known risk factors like smoking, did not show any increase in the incidence of CVD in women who drank six or more cups of coffee each day.

A similar study made by Dr Diedrich and others in 1990 on 45,000 men could not establish any link between drinking of coffee and CVD among men who drank four or more cups of coffee each day.

There are many more myths about coffee drinking regarding which studies have been made to find out the actual truth. It has been found that most are not true. However, more studies require to be done to get fully assured that coffee drinking causes no adverse effect on your heath.

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