Gourmet Coffee

Coffee is quite a popular drink all over the world and it is grown in many different regions of the world. Some people advertise their product as ‘Gourmet’ coffee. Now, what this term ‘Gourmet’ actually means? ‘Gourmet’ could be defined as a fine food or drink that has been adjudged by experts as excellent.

The method of cultivating coffee beans is similar all over the world. These beans are picked, dried and sorted in similar fashion everywhere. Only difference could be the climate and altitude of the place where the beans are grown or the fertilizer and pesticides used for growing the crop. Most important factor for producing coffee of good quality is the roasting process.

If the roasting is not done properly, either coffee produced would be weak or it would taste burnt. There are varieties of coffee which are not easily available, like coffee grown in Jamaican Blue Mountain which is quite well known for its rich taste and great smell. When they are properly roasted, the coffee produced might be the best tasting coffee in the world.

While roasting coffee beans, some roasters add flavorings like caramel or chocolate syrup. The coffee produced using such a roasting process is known as Gourmet Flavored Coffee.

Some types of coffee beans are known as gourmet coffee beans. These beans produce gourmet coffee with rich flavor. These gourmet coffee beans are cultivated in volcanic regions and on the mount slopes of a volcano. Coffee produced by using these beans is very smooth and full of flavor because of volcanic soil and high altitude. These beans are grown in tropical rainforest amongst exotic plants and animals.

When we buy coffee from a store, we are not sure about its quality and freshness. It could be lying on the stores shelf for a long time thereby losing flavor. Those people, who are accustomed to drink such coffee, might not be aware of the taste and flavor of gourmet coffee.

Gourmet coffee beans are freshly roasted and carefully packed so that no harsh element is stored inside the pack. To preserve the freshness of coffee, they are packed in one-way valve foil coffee bags which prevents air to come in contact with the beans.

Gourmet coffee is similar to wine. The taste and flavor of coffee would depend on the region where the beans were grown. By taking a sip of coffee, a connoisseur of coffee would be able tell the region where the bean for the coffee was grown.

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