Coffee Café

People would generally go to a coffee café or a coffee house to have a cup of refreshingly hot coffee. Coffee houses in places like Paris is world famous. A coffee house generally provides the services of both a bar and a restaurant. Along with coffee, they would be serving light refreshments like sandwiches and other light snacks, muffins, pastries etc.

In some countries, a coffee house is more like a restaurant. They would serve different varieties of food along with a piping hot cup of coffee. In some coffee houses, alcohol is also served. In some Muslim countries, you could enjoy smoking a hookah along with your coffee in a coffee house.

In many cities, these coffee houses become a central place for mutual interaction. People would come here to gossip with their friends, do their work, read a book or to just to pass their spare time. Many creative people like poets, writers, and artists are well known visitors of many coffee houses all over the world. The coffee house could have reading of their writings or would have lively discussion regarding art and culture.

People would come to a coffee house in a group or a person could join in a group. It is a great place to do your work on your laptop sitting for hours and drinking coffee. Generally, coffee house owners do not mind if you just come and sit there. It is a great place to put your ideas into paper or get creatively invigorated.

It is the Arab merchants who first introduced coffee drinking to the Western world. This concept of coffee house has its genesis in places like Iran and Turkey. Presently, it would not be difficult to locate a coffee house anywhere in the world.

Coffee house is also a very favorite place to take your date to. The atmosphere is so relaxing and you could strike up a pleasant conversation with your date without being loud.

In the United States, Starbucks is quite a well known chain of coffee houses. These places would allow you to use the Internet and sit all day doing your writing or any other work. Similar big coffee shops are also to be found in cities like Los Angeles or New York where artists meet each other for intellectual interaction. Cafés of Paris are world famous and they have become a ‘must visit’ places amongst tourists who visit Paris.

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