Coffee Brands

Coffee is a very popular hot drink all over the world. It is grown in many parts of the world and therefore there are many brands of coffee available in the market. Details about a few very well known coffee brands are given below.


Starbucks coffee brand is very well known all over the world. Starbucks started as a coffee shop in Seattle in the United States. The name ‘Starbucks’ was picked up from Herman Melville’s famous novel ‘Moby Dick’. The brand was named after the coffee loving sailor depicted in that novel. The company has since grown from its small beginning into a multibillion dollar corporation with branches all over the world.

Instead of remaining a small coffee shop, the company grew in its business by branching into coffee bean roasting business and selling its own brand of coffee. The company produces many other brands of coffee. But, ‘Starbucks’ remains by far the most popular product of the company. This brand of coffee is a medium-roast brand with a well-rounded and balanced taste.


Peet’s is another brand of coffee which started from another coffee shop in Seattle. In fact, it is older than Starbucks.  Peet’s coffee is darker than Starbucks, because the beans are roasted for a longer period. Peet’s coffee is popular with people who would prefer more bold taste of coffee than that of Starbucks brand.

There is a link between these two brands. In fact, Peet’s founder Alfred Peet was the first person to introduce specialty coffee in Seattle. Actually, founders of Starbucks worked in his organization and learnt all about coffee making including roasting, buying and selling of specialty coffee.

In 1984, Peet decided to retire and sold his business to Starbucks. And Jerry Baldwin who was original founder of Starbucks is presently the director of Peet’s.

There are many other top coffee brands. They may not be considered as specialty coffee. These brands are: Folgers, Maxwell House, Seattle’s Best and Nescafe. The quality of these brands varies. Some of them are produced by grinding cheaper beans while others are quite expensive. Flavors of these brands also vary. Many people prefer these brands over specialty brands of Starbucks and Peet’s because of their personal preferences.

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