Small Coffee Makers

Small coffee makers are great products for special needs. You may have limited space in your cozy kitchen or in your small coffee store.

Small coffee makers can help you still get great coffee despite the size and space limit. Fortunately, there are a lot of different kinds of small-sized coffee makers for various cases.

There is an under cabinet coffee maker, a build in coffee maker, an under counter coffee maker, a 12 volt coffee maker, and a space saver coffee maker.

All these types of coffee makers are designed to combine great coffee and utility in one small package.

Different Types of Small Coffee Makers

An under cabinet coffee maker is a great space saver. It can be placed under cabinet, so it’s a must-have if you’re running out of stove and counter tops in your kitchen.

This is great for small, cozy homes. The Black and Decker Space Maker is a great model under this type of small coffee maker.

Build In Coffee Maker

The build in coffee maker is another type of great space-saving coffee machine that also looks impressive in any kitchen.

The built-in style makes most build in coffee maker models look very modern and innovative. The build in coffee maker is not particularly small. Though there are some small models, there are also some larger units.

But all the same, even large models cans ave space because of the build in feature. The Miele Coffee System CVA4070 Built-In Stainless Steel model is particularly recommendable.

Under Cabinet Coffee Maker

If there is an under cabinet coffee maker, there is also an under counter coffee maker. If you don’t have enough cabinets anymore, you can also make use of the idle space under your kitchen counter.

You can convert it into a coffee machine with the use of an under counter coffee maker. Black and Decker is also the brand to trust when it comes to under counter coffee makers.

Aside from their Space Maker under cabinet models, they also have Space Maker under counter models. Try the Black and Decker ODC400 Space Maker Digital Thermal Coffee Maker for maximized space and maximized features as well.

12 Volt Coffee Maker

The 12 volt coffee maker is a compact type of coffee maker. But it is not just an ordinary type among all the other small coffee makers.

Aside from its compact size, it is also portable. In a nutshell, a 12 volt coffee maker is operated by batteries, so you can bring it with you wherever you go.

This is a great machine for coffee aficionados who want to take their coffee with them everywhere. Aside from saving space, the 12 volt coffee maker can also save energy.

There are many situations when a 12 volt coffee maker would prove to be quite useful, so it pays to consider buying one. As the name implies, the coffee maker only needs 12 volts to brew good coffee.

Of course, a 12 volt coffee maker has its limitations. It can only brew up to a maximum of ten cups.

It is not really the best option for frequent use, too. But if, for some reason, a 12 volt coffee maker is ideal for you, then try Black and Decker’s DCM18S Brew ‘n Go Personal Coffeemaker, which also comes with a travel mug.

A Space Saver Coffee Maker for Your Home or Office

A space saver coffee maker is very important to coffee lovers. The small size of small coffee makers enables coffee drinkers to even bring the coffee machines with them from home to the office.

A space saver coffee maker can simply sit on your desk at work or hide in a small space in your kitchen.

Now, since small coffee makers are becoming more and more in demand, several types of coffee makers are all coming out with their special space saver versions.

A space saver coffee maker can be a small pod coffee maker or even a small French press coffee maker.

If you need small coffeemakers, you have a lot of choices. All you have to do is go online and choose which one best suits your specific situation.

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