Keurig Coffee Maker

There is one reason why coffee lovers choose the Keurig coffee maker: Keurig Inc. was also founded by people who lived for coffee.

Based on the belief that coffee should always be served freshly brewed, Keurig came out with their innovative coffee maker concepts, one of which is the single-cup brewing or portion pack brewing, which ensures that every single cup is freshly brewed and hot off the brewer.

This concept means that the coffee maker uses a certain formula to produce one cup of coffee at a time.

Types And Best Models

Keurig offers several types of coffee makers designed specifically for home brewing. Four of its top products include B40, B60, B70, and B100. B40, also known as Elite B40, comes with two brew sizes, one 7.25 oz and one 9.25 oz.

It also has a removable 48 oz. water reservoir and an auto-off feature. The B60, also called Special Edition B60, has three brew sizes, specifically 5.25 oz., 7.25 oz., and 9.25 oz. It comes with the 48 oz. removable water reservoir.

However, it is one step ahead of the B60 because it has a backlit programmable LCD. The B70, or Platinum B70, is further ahead.

It comes with four brew sizes, 5.25 oz., 7.25., 9.25., and 11.25 oz. It has the same backlit programmable LCD and a removable water reservoir with 60 oz. capacity.

Aside from that, it has the specially patented Quiet Brew Technology, a Keurig trademark. One of its best products, however, is the B100. It is originally designed and placed under the category for home coffee makers, but it can also be used in the office.

It has a 7.25 oz brew size, with a removable reservoir of 64 oz. capacity. Aside from its home brewing systems, Keurig offers coffee makers for office use and restaurant use.

Special Features

But as mentioned earlier, Keurig is better known for its single-cup brewing concept. This is actually a patented Keurig concept, which allows people to get their hands on freshly brewed coffee always.

The coffee maker models wherein a certain amount of coffee is already brewed altogether and kept warm for later consumption are very widespread, but Keurig’s single-cup brewing offers something new and unique altogether.

Another reason why the single-cup brewing concept is creating quite a following is that it can give you a fresh cup of coffee in under three minutes and with just a push of a button.

So every time you need your cup of coffee, your Keurig coffee maker can do the work for you and the result is the same freshly brewed coffee with the same great taste.

The same taste is achieved with the help of Keurig’s k-cup. The k-cup refers to a certain coffee mix that has been preset and already measured and blended to create the same cup of gourmet coffee with every k-cup. Other than that, Keurig is also known for its fuss-less coffee creation.

Unlike other coffee maker brands that require constant cleaning due to the mess created by the coffee maker, the Keurig coffee maker makes coffee without the mess. Thus, Keurig coffee machines are known to be more durable, long-lasting, and less prone to breakdowns.

But of course, the best thing about all these is that Keurig’s main aim is not only to bring coffee home but to bring gourmet coffee right to your doorstep.

Buying A Keurig Coffee Maker?

If you are a homemaker and you are looking for a coffee maker, Keurig is one brand that you should consider. The Keurig coffee maker is available for purchase online. Authorized sellers usually already offer discounted prices that already include shipping costs.

Some sellers also offer a free pack of Keurig coffee. Take note, however, that the k-cup is mixed to produce gourmet coffee, not espressos or capuccinos.

So if you prefer a coffee maker that can provide you with variety and flexibility, this is not for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for freshly brewed gourmet coffee, you’ll find what you’re looking for in a Keurig coffee maker.

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