Gevalia Coffee Maker

A Gevalia coffee maker is produced by Gevalia Kaffe, a company with Swedish origins known the world over for their unparalleled coffee beans and teas straight from Europe.

Gevalia Kaffe is also one of the few companies who have been in existence for more than a decade. Within its 100-year history, Gevalia Kaffe has managed to satisfy coffee lovers the world over.

Although their main business actually focuses on the coffee beans they sell, their fame in that industry carries over to the home coffee industry, thus making them also well-known when it comes to coffee-making machines.

So why would you want to buy a Gevalia Coffee Machine?

All models of Gevalia coffee makers are preferred over others because of several reasons.

A Gevalia coffee machine always comes up with a brewing method wherein the full flavor of the grounded coffee is extracted, to guarantee the rich taste of the coffee it produces.

But for best results, Gevalia recommends using their coffee beans as well as their special coffee recipes. Gevalia coffee makers also come with the usual features found in coffee makers these days.

It has a programmable timer and automatic shut-off. Another feature that they have is the “pause and serve” mechanism, which allows people to pause the brewing of coffee whenever they already need a cup.

It also has a movable basket, which means that maintenance of the machine will not be such a challenge since you can easily use paper filters. Paper filters have two-way functions.

First, they make cleanup easier, and second, they are important for maximum extraction of the coffee grind’s flavor.

Easy cleaning can also help ensure that the coffee makers are in top quality and in a state good enough to produce its best results.

The only downside is that some of the Gevalia coffee machine models don’t come with thermal pots that can keep the coffee warm in case you brewed enough for the whole day. For this purpose, you can use carafes instead.

You Get An Additional Package Too!

As for the physical appearance of Gevalia coffee machines, most models come mostly in black and white colors. This seems to be a theme followed by practically every model of Gevalia coffee makers.

Each purchase will also entitle you to a package that consists of specialized mugs from the company.

One of their most appreciated products is the Gevalia coffee maker that can fill up to twelve cups of good coffee.

The Gevalia Free Coffee Maker

As for the price, a Gevalia coffee machine is actually pretty affordable. Its basic models are available at around $60.

For the package that includes the mugs, the prices increase to around $75. However, Gevalia actually offers a chance for its customers to get a free coffee maker.

The promo is an introductory offer that comes with every initial purchase of Gevalia coffee. The promo offer is available when you buy any Gevalia coffee online. Just look for the link that offers a free coffee maker.

The best thing about this promo is that the free coffee maker is not just your simple coffee maker.

In true Gevalia fashion, the coffee maker has a 12-cup capacity and a programmable timer. You can even choose the design of your freebie yourself.

Take note, however, that the promo is only valid upon purchase of other Gevalia products and that you will be the one who will shoulder the shipping expense of the free coffee maker. Nonetheless, it’s still a pretty great deal that you should take advantage of.

Given all these factors, it is pretty easy to conclude that a Gevalia coffee maker would make a good coffee companion for homemakers like you.

It also has several different models you can choose from, so you can be sure that your specific needs will be answered by a certain Gevalia coffee machine model as long as you take the time to choose.

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